Energy Efficiency in Buildings

The process of globalization and the establishment of a highly competitive economy have demanded greater efficiency from companies in their activities. The efficient use of electrical energy not only means a reduction in expenses, but also a reduction in environmental impacts. Furthermore, energy efficiency is often linked to improving the quality of the work environment and the production process.

The oil crisis that occurred in the 1970s served as a warning for many countries to research new sources of energy. As the available sources had higher costs and required long periods for implementation, the rational use of energy began to be seen as the most advantageous option, as reducing consumption would avoid the installation of new generating parks.

From this date onwards, technological advances have provided increasingly efficient equipment and the concept of energy efficiency has come into force in the daily lives of companies. Aiming to reduce electrical energy consumption in buildings, without depriving their occupants of thermal, lighting and acoustic comfort, LabEEE develops retrofit studies and research into the application of energy-efficient technologies.


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