Partnership for P&I UFSC and SAINT-GOBAIN FROM BRASIL: Comfort and Energy Savings in Buildings

This work is based on the partnership between UFSC and Saint Gobain, offering students a training path through Research, under the responsibility of higher education establishments based on Research activities presenting a common interest to the parties.

Its objective is to study the influence of certain construction elements on Comfort and Energy Savings in Buildings, not restricted to Housing or Commercial Buildings. The studies will be developed in real environments, and also in proposed models (computational models), always considering Brazilian climates.

It also aims to implement new methods for evaluating the energy efficiency of buildings and develop activities to support the energy efficiency of buildings.

Among the goals, it stands out in analyzing in which situations the construction systems and materials composing the envelope can provide greater comfort and energy savings in buildings, particularly by observing the behavior of opaque surfaces, roofing and glass based on the variation of physical properties of materials. Furthermore, the aim is to publish research results in a way that allows researchers to use and evaluate them from other perspectives.

Researchers involved in this area: