Publications - Journal Articles

Characterisation of representative building typologies for social housing projects in Brazil and its energy performance Maria Andrea Triana; Roberto Lamberts; Paola Sassi
Thermal history and comfort in a Brazilian subtropical climate: a 'cool' addiction hypothesis. De Vecchi, R.; Candido, C.; Lamberts, R.
A review of human thermal comfort in the built environment Rupp, R. F.; Vásquez, N. G.; Lamberts, R.
The influence of government strategies on the financial return of capital invested in PV systems located in different climatic zones in Brazil Corrado Lacchini, Ricardo Rüther
Análise do procedimento de simulação da NBR 15575 para avaliação do desempenho térmico de edificações residenciais Marcio José Sorgato; Ana Paula Melo; Deivis Luís Marinoski; Roberto Lamberts
Developing energy consumption benchmarks for buildings: Bank branches in Brazil Edward H. Borgstein; Roberto Lamberts
Uncertainty analysis of user behaviour and physical parameters in residential building performance simulation Arthur Santos Silva; Enedir Ghisi
ASHRAE 55 adaptive model application in hot and humid climates: the Brazilian case De Vecchi, R.; Sorgato, M. J.; Pacheco, M.; Candido, C.; Lamberts, R.
A procedure for analysing energy savings in multiple small solar water heaters installed in low-income housing in Brazil Thalita Giglio; Roberto Lamberts; Miriam Barbosa; Mariana Urbano
Knowing electricity end-uses to successfully promote energy efficiency in buildings: a case study in low-income houses in Southern Brazil Arthur Santos Silva, Fernando Luiz, Ana Carolina Mansur, Abel Silva Vieira, Aline Schaefer, Enedir Ghisi