The Laboratory of Energy Efficiency in Buildings (Laboratório de Eficiência Energética em Edificações) was created in the year 1996 and is tied to the Construction Research Center, from the Department of Civil Engineering of the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC). It aims at reducing the specific energy consumption in new buildings and existing ones. It achieves that through the implantation of new lighting, air conditioning, and thermal isolation technologies without, however, reducing comfort levels of its occupants.

The LabEEE also acts in the field of energy generation through photovoltaic panels integrated to buildings and to the public electrical network, as well as renewable energies and rational use of water.


  • Training in the section of thermal performance from the NBR 15575
  • Calculation of thermal properties from elements and constructive components of buildings (structural blocks, walls, massive slabs or pre-manufactured, among others). The calculations follow the ABNT NBR 15220 recommendations.
  • Evaluation of thermal and luminous performance on buildings, by means of computer simulation.
  • Evaluation of the thermal comfort conditions on internal environments ventilated naturally and/or conditioned artificially by means of measurements following the ASHRAE Standard 55 and the  ABNT NBR 16401/2 recommendations.
  •  Evaluation of environmental comfort on the building: analysis of insolation; analysis of shading; analysis of natural lighting; integration between artificial and natural lighting; and analysis of natural ventilation.
  • Measurement of thermal and optical properties; evaluation of glassy materials, polycarbonates, covering elements, mortar, ceramic coating, sealing blocks, among others. Standards in compliance with: ASTM E1918, ASTM C1549, ASTM C1371, ASTM C518, ASTM E1585, ASTM E903, ISO 9050.(Contato/