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Here you find a list of the webinars that were transmitted online, live or pre-recorded, with themes on the fields of interest and research from the LabEEE. Feel free to watch as many times as it is needed, e to share with other people that might be interested too.

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Brazilian Building Energy Labeling Scheme

  • This webinar was part of the first ASHRAE South Brazil & IBPSA-Brazil Building Performance Simulation Conference, event totally online promoted by IBPSA Brazil in partnership with the ASHRAE South Brazil Chapter. In this webinar, professor Roberto Lamberts talked about the Brazilian public policies of promoting energy efficiency, in special the building labeling. 

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BIM-BEM Integration: Possibilities and current challenges

  • Webinar promoted by IBPSA Brazil  in partnership with the ASHRAE South Brazil Chapter. The theme approached was the possibilities and current challenges to the integration between BIM-BEM. The speaker was the Master Civil Engineer, Matheus Körbes Bracht. 

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Webinar about NBR 15575 and the new simulation procedure for analyzing the thermal performance of residences

  • Webinar promoted by IBPSA Brazil in partnership with the ASHRAE Florianópolis Student Branch. The theme approached was the new computational simulation procedure for analyzing the thermal performance of residencial buildings, having as speakers LabEEE's doctoral students: Amanda Fraga Krelling, Letícia Gabriela Eli and Marcelo Salles Olinger.The presentation was transmitted on the 04 of March, 2021 at 7pm. 

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Webinar on the Nacional and Internacional Norms of Energy Efficiency

  • Webinar promoted by Sinduscon-SP through an agreement celebrated with Eletrobras/PROCEL. The presentation had as a goal to broadcast and disseminate the need for the elaboration of norms for energy efficiency of buildings in Brazil, with the participation of professor Roberto Lamberts; the live stream took place on February 25, 2021. 

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Webinar with Sérgio Pinheiro, PhD from University College Dublin

In this seminar, automation and control engineer Sérgio Pinheiro presents his doctoral research, and also talks about the research group of Prof. James O'Donnell, member of the UCD Energy Institute. The webinar was broadcast in two parts, on February 25, 2021. By accessing the links below, you can watch the presentations in full:  

  • Part 1: environmental quality requirements and energy performance for buildings during operation.

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    Abstract: presentation of the doctoral research, which aimed to define a subset of requirements that help the maintainer to make informed decisions for the improvement of the environmental and energy conditions of a building in the operation phase. The proposed framework for the research uses Building Information Modeling (BIM) as a data repository where requirements are systematically structured and stored. This proposal allows maintainers to access information in a digitized environment, thus avoiding loss of information. To extract information from the BIM model, a specific Model View Definition (MVD) was defined using the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) format. The process uses the Information Delivery Manual (IDM) methodology to describe the stakeholders involved in the exchange of information. The research's originality lies in the combination of methodologies such as Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA), IDM and MVD to provide maintainers with an efficient and effective analysis method capable of identifying areas for improvement.

    Download the presentation file.

  • Part 2: overview of Prof. James O'Donnell at University College Dublin.

    Watch the video cliking here.

    Abstract: The UCD Energy Institute is a research group led by several researchers that functions as a hub for education and research in the area of energy and decarbonization. Dr James O'Donnell is one of the contributors and his current work with the Energy Institute focuses on the development and deployment of interoperable data models to support the building operation supported by Building Information Modeling (BIM) and energy simulation tools from the whole building.

    Download the presentation file.


Webinar on Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in Brazil

  • In this seminar, Professor Roberto Lamberts addresses the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) defined in the proposed normative text for the thermal performance chapters of ABNT NBR 15575:2020, a Brazilian standard for the performance of residential buildings. This presentation was part of a series of lectures promoted among the participants of Annex 80, where researchers from different parts of the world can share their experiences regarding the study of the resilience of buildings. 

    Annex 80 - Resilient Cooling of Buildings, is an international study group promoted by the IEA EBC (International Energy Agency: Energy in Buildings and Communities Programme). Brazil made its participation in Annex 80 and other IEA Annexes official in the year 2020, and this webinar was broadcast in November 2020. 

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Webinar on the revision of NBR 16401:2 - Thermal comfort parameters

  • Webinar promoted by the Student Branch of ASHRAE in Florianópolis. The presentation was broadcast on September 17, 2020, and given by Dr. Renata De Vecchi, researcher at the Laboratory of Energy Efficiency in Buildings (LabEEE/UFSC). 

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Webinar about ASHRAE Global Thermal Comfort Database II

  • In this seminar, doctoral student Maíra André from LabEEE presents the CBE tool from the University of Berkeley created to facilitate the graphical visualization of data from ASHRAE's global thermal comfort base . This database contains data on thermal perception and environmental conditions from 23 countries, including Brazil. 

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