Publications - Journal Articles

Sustainable energy performance in Brazilian social housing: A proposal for a Sustainability Index in the energy life cycle considering climate change Triana, M. A.; Lamberts, R.; Sassi, P.
Addressing the impact of COVID-19 lockdown on energy use in municipal buildings: A case study in Florianópolis, Brazil Geraldi, M.S.; Bavaresco, M.V.; Triana, M.A.; Melo, A.P.; Lamberts, R.
Inserção de simulações de desempenho térmico no processo de projeto Larissa Pereira de Souza, Mateus Bavaresco, Carlos Eduardo Verzola Vaz, Roberto Lamberts
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A metamodel for building information modeling-building energy modeling integration in early design stage M.K. Bracht, A.P. Melo, R. Lamberts
Renewable energy and energy conservation area policy (REECAP) framework: A novel methodology for bottom-up and top-down principles integration Abel S. Vieira a, Rodney A. Stewart a, Roberto Lamberts b, Cara D. Beal c
Do we need building performance data to propose a climatic zoning for building energy efficiency regulations? Leonardo Mazzaferro, Rayner M.S. Machado, Ana Paula Melo, Roberto Lamberts
Adaptive behaviour and air conditioning use in Brazilian residential buildings Greici Ramos, Roberto Lamberts, Renata De Vecchi [...] Antonio Augusto de Paula Xavier
Mapping the energy usage in Brazilian public schools Geraldi, M.S.; Ghisi, E.
User-centered environmental control: a review of current findings on personal conditioning systems and personal comfort models Maíra André, Renata De Vecchi e Roberto Lamberts