Publications - Journal Articles

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A thermal performance standard for residential buildings in warm climates: Lessons learned in Brazil A.F. Krelling, L.G. Eli, M.S. Olinger, R.M.E.S. Machado, A.P. Melo, R. Lamberts
Applying machine learning to develop energy benchmarking for university buildings in Brazil T.C. Quevedo, M.S. Geraldi, A.P. Melo
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Are years-long field studies about window operation efficient? a data-driven approach based on information theory and deep learning Mateus Bavaresco a, Ioannis Kousis b, Ilaria Pigliautile b c, Anna Laura Pisello b c, Cristina Piselli c d, Enedir Ghisi a
Bottom-up modelling of electricity end-use consumption of the residential sector in Brazil Cristiano André Teixeira, Ana Paula Melo, Michele Fossati, Roberto Lamberts
A Global Building Occupant Behavior Database Bing Dong, Yapan Liu, Wei Mu, Zixin Jiang, Pratik Pandey, Tianzhen Hong, Bjarne Olesen, Thomas Lawrence, Zheng O’Neil, Clinton Andrews, Elie Azar, Karol Bandurski, Ronita Bardhan, Mateus Bavaresco, Christiane Berger, Jane Burry, Salvatore Carlucci, Karin
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Assessing cooling loads from roofs with attics: Modeling versus field experiments T.C. Quevedo, A.P. Melo, R. Lamberts
A holistic approach for assessing architectural integration quality of solar photovoltaic rooftops and shading devices I. Custódio a b, T. Quevedo c, A.P. Melo c, R. Rüther a b