Updating Energy Efficiency Requirements for Energy Codes in Salvador [2021-2022]

This project details the aspects present in the topic of Efficiency and Energy Alternatives of the Decree that establishes the IPTU VERDE Sustainable Certification Program in buildings in the Municipality of Salvador, with the objective of facilitating the understanding and application of the requirements for scoring to the evaluated projects.


O hab.labeee é um programa que visa aumentar a qualidade das habitações populares do Brasil, buscando entender como podemos aumentar a eficiência energética das habitações e o conforto ambiental dos usuários, de acordo com as suas realidades.

Título do projeto:

Inovação no desenvolvimento e construção de Habitações de Interesse Social Multifamiliares para promoção da eficiência energética e conforto ambiental

Cooperation Program between Brazil and Germany (PROBRAL) [2023-2027]

Seeking to expand cooperation between postgraduate programs of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Brazil and Germany to develop and publish research with greater academic impact, CAPES and DAAD launched the PROBRAL Notice. The notice selected proposals for joint research projects between Brazil and Germany in all areas of knowledge, within the scope of the PROBRAL Program.

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