Energy Efficiency in Buildings

Reduce the energy consumption without depriving the occupants from environmental comfort [...]

Thermal Comfort

Thermal comfort is the global condition of a person in which they wouldn’t prefer to feel neither more warmth or more cold; that is to say, it is a state of total physical and mental well being which expresses satisfaction [...]

Thermo-energetic Simulation of Buildings

The new computational tools allow the engineers and architects to analyze complex  phenomena, like the heat transfer in buildings [...]

Heat Transfer

Since 2003, through research projects, the LabEEE has been developing studies in the field of heat transfer applied to the development of devices and measurement methodologies, aiming at [...]

Bioclimatology and Sustainability

The Bioclimatologia applies the weather studies (climatology) to the relations with living beings. A correct application of the bioclimatology’s concepts is the foundation for more sustainable projects. Sustainability is a global preoccupation which is questioning the current growth model [...]

Photovoltaic Solar Energy

Since the beginning of its commercialization, electrical energy has been provided to residential and commercial consumers by means of centralized and complex  generation systems of transmission and distribution [...]

Near-Zero Energy Buildings (NZEBs)

Buildings which generate their energy locally and that present energetic balance near zero, zero or positive, are tendencies in global public policies and bring benefits from the global sphere to the local [...]

BIM - Building Information Modeling

The BIM representation can be understood as a tridimensional object oriented model which facilitates the interoperability and the exchange of information between different software tools [...]