Thermo-Energy Simulation of Buildings

The concept of sustainability and the search for efficient buildings have been changing practices and putting the civil construction area in focus. Sustainable buildings, which are supposedly built with as little environmental impact as possible, have been gaining popularity in the market and contributing to the construction of more energy-efficient buildings.

In recent years, it is noted that different computer simulation programs for the thermo-energy performance of buildings have been developed, increasing the possibility of analyzing the interaction of different systems present in the project. Thermo-energy performance computer simulation programs are those that integrate different physical models to process the interaction of different building systems.

Computer simulation makes it possible to identify the effect of each factor in isolation, which is not always possible in a real case. The use of computational tools can occur both in the design phase and during the construction of the building, providing the advantage and possibility of testing more efficient solutions without the need to intervene in the building. Furthermore, the ease of manipulating the variables involved in the building, the low cost and the reduction in simulation time further contribute to greater use of these computer programs.

More information about building performance simulation can be obtained on the links website, which also has several websites related to the topic.

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