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Influência do índice de massa corpórea e frequência de atividades físicas no conforto térmico humano: análise estatística de dados de estudo de campo com usuários de escritórios em Florianópolis, SC Menegatti, M. C.; Rupp, R. F.; Ghisi, E.
Associations of occupant demographics, thermal history and obesity variables with their thermal comfort in air-conditioned and mixed-mode ventilation office buildings Rupp, R. F.; Kim, J. ; de Dear, R.; Ghisi, E.
Technical and economic evaluation of thin-film CdTe building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) replacing façade and rooftop materials in office buildings in a warm and sunny climate SORGATO, M.J. ; SCHNEIDER, K. ; Rüther, R.
Residential solar water heaters in Brisbane, Australia: Key performance parameters and indicators Abel S. Vieira; Rodney A. Stewart; Roberto Lamberts; Cara D. Beal
Assessment of gender on requirements for thermal comfort in office buildings located in the Brazilian humid subtropical climate Maykot, J. K. ; Rupp, R. F.; Ghisi, E.
Field study of mixed-mode office buildings in Southern Brazil using an adaptive thermal comfort framework Rupp, R. F.; de Dear, R.; Ghisi, E.
Should we consider climate change for Brazilian social housing? Assessment of energy efficiency adaptation measures Maria Andrea Triana; Roberto Lamberts; Paola Sassi
Simplified method for shading-loss analysis in BIPV systems. Part 2: Application in case studies Clarissa Zomer, Ricardo Rüther
The influence of different irradiation databases on the assessment of the return of capital invested in residential PV systems installed in different locations of the Brazilian territory. LACCHINI, CORRADO ; ANTONIOLLI, ANDRIGO FILIPPO ; Rüther, Ricardo
Impacts of Domestic Solar Water Heating (DSWH) systems on the cost of a hot shower in low-income dwellings in Brazil Naspolini, Helena F. ; Rüther, Ricardo