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Do we need building performance data to propose a climatic zoning for building energy efficiency regulations? Leonardo Mazzaferro, Rayner M.S. Machado, Ana Paula Melo, Roberto Lamberts
Adaptive behaviour and air conditioning use in Brazilian residential buildings Greici Ramos, Roberto Lamberts, Renata De Vecchi [...] Antonio Augusto de Paula Xavier
Mapping the energy usage in Brazilian public schools Geraldi, M.S.; Ghisi, E.
User-centered environmental control: a review of current findings on personal conditioning systems and personal comfort models Maíra André, Renata De Vecchi e Roberto Lamberts
The influence of the solar radiation database and the photovoltaic simulator on the sizing and economics of photovoltaic-diesel generators. DE FREITAS MOSCARDINI JÚNIOR, ERNESTO ; Rüther, Ricardo
Building-level and stock-level in contrast: A literature review of the energy performance of buildings during the operational stage Geraldi, M.S.; Ghisi, E.
Methods used in social sciences that suit energy research: A literature review on qualitative methods to assess the human dimension of energy use in buildings Mateus V. Bavaresco; Simona D'Oca; Enedir Ghisi; Roberto Lamberts
Performance assessment of solar photovoltaic technologies under different climatic conditions in Brazil DO NASCIMENTO, LUCAS RAFAEL ; BRAGA, MARÍLIA ; CAMPOS, RAFAEL ANTUNES ; NASPOLINI, HELENA FLÁVIA ; Rüther, Ricardo
Thermal preference and comfort assessment in air-conditioned and naturally-ventilated university classrooms under hot and humid conditions in Brazil Carolina Buonocore, Renata De Vecchi, Veridiana Scalco, Roberto Lamberts
Evaluating assumptions of scales for subjective assessment of thermal environments – Do laypersons perceive them the way, we researchers believe? Marcel Schweiker, Maíra André, Carolina Buonocore, Greici Ramos, Roberto Lamberts, Renata De Vecchi […] Zahra Sadat Zomorodian