Publicações - Artigos de periódicos

Towards the maximum efficiency design of a perovskite solar cell by material properties tuning: A multidimensional approach. KRATZENBERG, MANFRED G. ; Rüther, Ricardo ; RAMBO, CARLOS R.
The Scales Project, a cross-national dataset on the interpretation of thermal perception scales Marcel Schweiker, Maíra André, Carolina Buonocore, Greici Ramos, Roberto Lamberts, Renata De Vecchi […] Zahra Sadat Zomorodian
Technological innovations to assess and include the human dimension in the building-performance loop: A review Mateus Vinícius Bavaresco; Simona D'Oca; Enedir Ghisi; Roberto Lamberts
Thermal sensitivity of occupants in different building typologies: the Griffiths Constant is a Variable Rupp, R. F.; Kim, J.; Ghisi, E.; de Dear, R.
Spectral modeling and spectral impacts on the performance of mc-Si and new generation CdTe photovoltaics in warm and sunny climates BRAGA, MARÍLIA ; DO NASCIMENTO, LUCAS RAFAEL ; Rüther, Ricardo
Assessing the energy performance of VAV and VRF air conditioning systems in an office building located in the city of Florianópolis Vanessa Cavalcanti Paes Duarte; Ana Paula Melo; Roberto Lamberts
Extreme solar overirradiance events: Occurrence and impacts on utility-scale photovoltaic power plants in Brazil DO NASCIMENTO, LUCAS RAFAEL ; DE SOUZA VIANA, TRAJANO ; CAMPOS, RAFAEL ANTUNES ; Rüther, Ricardo
Energy performance of mixed-mode office buildings: Assessing typical construction design practices L. O. Nevesa; A. P. Melo; L. L. Rodrigues
Influence of recent and long-term exposure to air-conditioned environments on thermal perception in naturally-ventilated classrooms Buonocore, C.; De Vecchi, R.; Scalco, V.; Lamberts, R.
Analyzing the impact of small solar water heating systems on peak demand and on emissions in the Brazilian context T. Giglio; V. Santos; R. Lamberts