Sustainable Tower for Low-Income Housing

In the residential sector, water heating through electric showers represents an average of 24% of electricity consumption in Brazil. For this purpose, the use of solar water heating would result in significant savings in electricity and natural resources.

In Brazil, around 20% of the population does not have access to potable water, and around 50% of residential consumption is destined for non-potable purposes. For these uses, rainwater collected directly could be a viable alternative for many locations and situations.

In this context, and through a partnership with Cohab in Santa Catarina to incorporate sustainability concepts related to energy efficiency and the use of rainwater in Cohab SC's minimum housing projects, a product was developed that is suitable, mainly, for low-income housing. low income that could be used for both new and existing housing: a sustainable tower, with multiple uses, comprising: an elevated reservoir for drinking water supply, a solar collector for heating bath water, and a system for using water Of rain.