Publicações - Artigos de periódicos

Impact of urban surfaces’ solar reflectance on air temperature and radiation flux Natasha Hansen Gapski, Deivis Luis Marinoski, Ana Paula Melo, Saulo Guths
A thermal performance standard for residential buildings in warm climates: Lessons learned in Brazil A.F. Krelling, L.G. Eli, M.S. Olinger, R.M.E.S. Machado, A.P. Melo, R. Lamberts
Applying machine learning to develop energy benchmarking for university buildings in Brazil T.C. Quevedo, M.S. Geraldi, A.P. Melo
Practical differences in operating buildings across countries and climate zones: Perspectives of building managers/operators André, M.; Bandurski, K.; Bandyopadhyay, A.; Bavaresco, M.; Buonocore, C.; Castro, L.; Hahn, J.; Kane, M.; Lingua, C.; Pioppi, B.; Piselli, C.; Spigliantini, G.; Vergerio, G.; Lamberts, R.
Assessment of the energy consumption in non-residential building sector in Brazil Geraldi, M.S.; Melo, A.P.; Lamberts, R.; Borgstein, E.; Yukizaki, A. Y. G.; Maia, A. C. B.; Soares, J. B.; Junior, A.S.
Assessing cooling loads from roofs with attics: Modeling versus field experiments T.C. Quevedo, A.P. Melo, R. Lamberts
Integrating evidence-based thermal satisfaction in energy benchmarking: A data-driven approach for a whole-building evaluation Geraldi, M.S.; Ghisi, E.
Achieving mid-rise NZEB offices in Brazilian urban centres: A control strategy with desk fans and extension of set point temperature André, M; Kamimura, A.; Bavaresco, M.; Giaretta, R.F; Fossati, M.; Lamberts, R.
Data-driven framework towards realistic bottom-up energy benchmarking using an Artificial Neural Network Geraldi, M.S.; Ghisi, E.
From characterisation to evaluation: A review of dynamic and non-uniform airflows in thermal comfort studies Buonocore, C.; De Vecchi, R.; Lamberts, R.; Guths, S.