Publicações - Artigos de periódicos

Assessment of the energy consumption in non-residential building sector in Brazil Geraldi, M.S.; Melo, A.P.; Lamberts, R.; Borgstein, E.; Yukizaki, A. Y. G.; Maia, A. C. B.; Soares, J. B.; Junior, A.S.
Integrating evidence-based thermal satisfaction in energy benchmarking: A data-driven approach for a whole-building evaluation Geraldi, M.S.; Ghisi, E.
Achieving mid-rise NZEB offices in Brazilian urban centres: A control strategy with desk fans and extension of set point temperature André, M; Kamimura, A.; Bavaresco, M.; Giaretta, R.F; Fossati, M.; Lamberts, R.
Data-driven framework towards realistic bottom-up energy benchmarking using an Artificial Neural Network Geraldi, M.S.; Ghisi, E.
From characterisation to evaluation: A review of dynamic and non-uniform airflows in thermal comfort studies Buonocore, C.; De Vecchi, R.; Lamberts, R.; Guths, S.
Evaluating the impact of the shape of school reference buildings on bottom-up energy benchmarking Geraldi, M.S.; Gnecco, V.M; Neto, A.B.; Martins, B.A.M.; Ghisi, E.; Fossati, M.; Melo, A.P.; Lamberts R.
Comparison between national and local benchmarking models: The case of public nursery schools in Southern Brazil Gnecco, V.M.; Geraldi, M.S.; Fossati, M.; Triana, M.A.
Sustainable energy performance in Brazilian social housing: A proposal for a Sustainability Index in the energy life cycle considering climate change Triana, M. A.; Lamberts, R.; Sassi, P.
Addressing the impact of COVID-19 lockdown on energy use in municipal buildings: A case study in Florianópolis, Brazil Geraldi, M.S.; Bavaresco, M.V.; Triana, M.A.; Melo, A.P.; Lamberts, R.
Thermal performance of residential building with mixed-mode and passive cooling strategies: The Brazilian context L.G. Eli; A. F. Krelling; M. S. Olinger; A. P. Melo; R. Lamberts