Simplified method for shading-loss analysis in BIPV systems. Part 2: Application in case studies

ZOMER, CLARISSA ; Rüther, Ricardo
Energy and buildings

This is the second part of the paper “Simplified method for shading-loss analysis in BIPV systems”. The objective of Part 2 is to apply the simplified method described in Part 1 in order to estimate the influence of partial shadings on the performance of four installed and in operation BIPV systems. The method consists in identifying and quantifying the shading on a surface, relating the fraction of shaded area with the percentage of incident irradiation reduction during the same period, in order to propose a shading index (SI) that represents the energy losses on partially shaded PV systems. SI was validated through the analysed case studies and it was proved to be a convenient way of estimating the PV generation of partially shaded PV systems. This method is independent from the electric configuration and can be used for already installed PV systems, or surfaces under investigation for PV installations, both through manual calculations and also through calculations using dedicated software packages.