Publicações - Artigos de periódicos

The role of clothing in thermal comfort: how people dress in a temperate and humid climate in Brazil De Vecchi, R.; Lamberts, R.; Candido, C.
Determinação do índice de refletância solar de telhas comercializadas na região do médio Vale do Itajaí - SC BORTOLI, L.S.; STAPAIT, C.C.; Marinoski, D.L.; FREDEL, M.C.; SCHABBACH, L.M.
Avaliação experimental do espectrômetro Alta II e sua aplicação na normatização brasileira PEREIRA, C.D.; MARINOSKI, D.L.; LAMBERTS, R.; Güths, S.; GHISI, E.
Naturally comfortable and sustainable: Informed design guidance and performance labeling for passive commercial buildings in hot climates Adams Rackes; Ana Paula Melo; Roberto Lamberts
Performance evaluation of long-term thermal comfort indices in building simulation according to ASHRAE Standard 55 Silva, A. S.; Ghisi, E.; Lamberts, R.
Development and analysis of a metamodel to represent the thermal behavior of naturally ventilated and artificially air-conditioned residential buildings A. P. Melo; M. Fossati; R. S. Versage; M. J. Sorgato; V. A. Scalco; R. Lamberts
PV power conversion and short-term forecasting in a tropical, densely-built environment in Singapore André M. Nobre, Carlos A. Severiano, Shravan Karthik, Marek Kubis, Lu Zhao, Fernando R. Martins, Enio B. Pereira, Ricardo Rüther, Thomas Reindl
Shading analysis for rooftop BIPV embedded in a high-density environment: A case study in Singapore Clarissa Zomer, André Nobre, Thomas Reindl, Ricardo Rüther
The effect of measurement time resolution on the peak time power demand reduction potential of domestic solar hot water systems Helena F. Naspolini, Ricardo Rüther
On the impact of haze on the yield of photovoltaic systems in Singapore André M. Nobre, Shravan Karthik, Haohui Liu, Dazhi Yang, Fernando R. Martins, Enio B. Pereira, Ricardo Rüther, Thomas Reindl, Ian Marius Peters