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Uncertainty analysis of daily potable water demand on the performance evaluation of rainwater harvesting systems in residential buildings Arthur Santos Silva, Enedir Ghisi 24/05/2016
Performance evaluation of long-term thermal comfort indices in building simulation according to ASHRAE Standard 55 Arthur Santos Silva, Enedir Ghisi, Roberto Lamberts 26/03/2016
Water End-Uses in Low-Income Houses in Southern Brazil Ana Kelly Marinoski, Abel Silva Vieira, Arthur Santos Silva, Enedir Ghisi 08/07/2014
Knowing electricity end-uses to successfully promote energy efficiency in buildings: a case study in low-income houses in Southern Brazil Arthur Santos Silva, Fernando Luiz, Ana Carolina Mansur, Abel Silva Vieira, Aline Schaefer, Enedir Ghisi 17/06/2014
Uncertainty analysis of user behaviour and physical parameters in residential building performance simulation Arthur Santos Silva; Enedir Ghisi 31/03/2014
Uncertainty analysis of the computer model in building performance simulation Arthur Santos Silva; Enedir Ghisi 22/02/2014
Short-term versus long-term rainfall time series in the assessment of potable water savings by using rainwater in houses Enedir Ghisi, Karla Albino Cardoso e Ricardo Forgiarini Rupp 28/02/2012
Assessing the accuracy of a simplified building energy simulation model using BESTEST: The case study of Brazilian regulation Ana Paula Melo, D. Cóstola, Roberto Lamberts, Jan Hensen 01/01/2012
Innovations in the Brazilian regulations for energy efficiency of residential buildings Veridiana Atanasio Scalco, Michele Fossati, Rogério de Souza Versage, Marcio José Sorgato, Roberto Lamberts, Claudia Morishita 01/01/2012
Development of a calorimeter for determination of the solar factor of architectural glass and fenestrations Deivis L. Marinoski, Saulo Guths, Roberto Lamberts 01/01/2012